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Kimberley Health Centre
Kimberley Health Centre
Where Healing Happens Every Day,
                            in the Little House by the Creek
Dr. Megan Kimberley is the naturopathic doctor at the Kimberley Health Centre.  She focuses on optimal healing both physically and emotionally. In Naturopathic Medicine there is no difference between physical health and a soul at peace. What you do all day at work and play effects your energy. What you eat changes how you feel.  As a preventative medicine specialist, she uses scientific wisdoms and its ever expanding knowledge to rationalize the medications she uses. In most cases the studies are one step behind discovering why our ancient healing techniques work so well.       

If you are suffering from illness, she can help you. If you are seeking perfect health she can get you there. Itís all happening here, every day.

Pati is who you will see running the place every day.  Lisa Kilgour the nutritionist is here wednesday mornings, and Marian Douglas, our bodytalk practitioner is here wednesday afternoons.  You may also bump into George, the dog.  He is a natural healing presence, but can look a bit like a small bear if you see him from far away!  And if you get asked if you are okay with cats, that means little Tiger or Daisy are meowing at the door.
Kimberley Health Centre
Where healing happens, every day.
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