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Kimberley Health Centre
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Dr. Megan Kimberley has been practicing for fifteen years in
Penticton, B.C..  She has treated everything from common
colds to cancer, with a focus on family health.  Craniosacral
therapy and acupuncture are her strengths along with an
uncanny ability to put her patients at ease no matter what
stressors they are experiencing. Naturopathic mainstays are a
daily part of her work including botanical medicine, nutrition,
homeopathy, and counselling.
After making it through the social crazyness of highschool, Dr.
Megan Kimberley graduated from a bachelors degree in
biochemistry at the University of British Columbia. She then
braved three winters in Toronto to study at the Canadian
College of Naturopathic Medicine, graduating in 2000.  Out
here in B.C. Naturopathic doctors have been regulated by the
provincial government through the College of Naturopathic
Physicians of British Columbia (CNPBC) since 1926.

Kimberley Health Centre
Where healing happens, every day.
Dr. Megan Kimberley, BSc., N.D.
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