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Kimberley Health Centre
Where Healing Happens Every Day,
                            in the Little House by the Creek
Dr. Megan Kimberley has been practicing for twelve years in
Penticton, B.C..  She has treated everything from common colds to
cancer, with a focus on family health.  Craniosacral therapy and
acupuncture are her strengths along with an uncanny ability to put
her patients at ease no matter what stressors they are experiencing.
Naturopathic mainstays are a daily part of her work including
botanical medicine, nutrition, homeopathy, and lifestyle counselling.
The Six Guiding Principles Of Naturopathic Medicine

Do No Harm - Use the least invasive method possible both for
diagnosis and treatment.  Our first principle emphasizes the need to
treat the patient with the utmost care and respect, using gentle yet
powerful tools from the wisdoms of science and nature.    
Support the Healing Power of Nature - Support and encourage the life
force in every person to bring about healing from within.
Treat the Cause - Address the underlying reason for the presenting
symptoms.   This allows for more permanent and effective relief.
The Doctor as Teacher - Provide the patient with the knowledge and
guidance necessary to lead a healthful lifestyle, enabling a higher
degree of self-awareness and well-being.
Treat the Whole Person - Health can be affected by mental,
emotional, spiritual, and physical causes. A Naturopath recognizes and
treats them all.
Prevention - The best approach to any health issue is preventing it
from happening in the first place.  Naturopathic doctors are the
prevention experts.


Techniques a Naturopath uses to diagnose a health issue include most of
those commonly used by conventional medical doctors, with the addition of
Chinese tongue and pulse diagnosis, a very detailed clinical history, physical
exam, and other observational techniques.


1. Nutritional Medicine.  Food, vitamin and mineral supplements
are utilized to correct nutritional deficiencies and to support optimal
2. Botanical Medicine.  The use of plants as medicine.  Traditional
herbal knowledge is continually strengthened with the latest of
pharmacological research.
3. Homeopathic Medicine.  This is a system of medicine developed
200 years ago, which makes remedies from very small doses of
plant, mineral, and animal substances to stimulate the body to heal
itself.  It goes by the central principal of “like cures like”. 
Homeopathy effectively treats acute symptoms as well as chronic
physical, emotional, and mental imbalances.
4. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.  Traditional Chinese herbal
and diet remedies are used in combination with acupuncture, and
acupressure.  It aims at bringing the body (and mind) into balance
through it’s own system of disease patterns, and unique
interpretations of body functioning through connections between
natural forces and their affects on health.  The origins are ancient
and the techniques powerful.
5. Lifestyle and Psychological Counseling.  A Naturopath helps
identify and modify unhealthy living habits, and environmental
influences on a person.  Exercise and stress management are two
important tools used.  Naturopathic doctors are trained to address
mental/emotional issues with respect and support.
Kimberley Health Centre
Where healing happens every day, in the little house by the creek
Megan Kimberley - Naturopathic Doctor
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